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The Binary Times - Series 4 Episode 4

Sat 4th Aug, 2018

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The Binary Times podcast, back with Mark

00:24 Series 4 Episode 4 starts with Wayne regaling us from a wet and windy Bristol, his spirits have lifted as the wind blows through his hair and the rain saturates him from head to toe. Mark is concerned that Wayne is experiencing that amount of weather while recording in his house though Wayne assures us that he is doing an outside broadcast. Mark goes on to tell us that the rain has returned to Kilkishen. The guys go on to discuss their differences in opinion on the weather.

02:04 Wayne asks Mark what he has been doing for the last while, and Mark tells us that the Kilkishen Coding Club took place with two families turning up despite the Clare / Galway Hurling match taking place at the same time. Everyone there had a good time coding in Scratch and some web design. Mark thanks the Kilkishen Parent's Association for kindly renting the cultural centre for the time to allow the event to take place.

12:36 Mark's other Linuxy news is related to setting up laptops and servers for the Kilkishen Coding Club, and he tells us how he found Ubuntu Server 18.04 too different from 16.04 to allow him to be productive quickly so he reverted to using 16.04. This leads to a discussion around the differences between Ubuntu server 16.04 and 18.04.

19:51 Wayne tells us what he's been up to. He finally started to work on his X220 Thinkpad laptop. He's installed Kubuntu 18.04 on it and is trying to take on the "K" suite of software. This provokes a discussion around embracing change and differences in desktop environments. Wayne tells us he really likes Kubuntu though it's not on his main machine and that Ubuntu MATE is still his favourite.

29:17 Wayne tells us a story about change and upgrades. He recently upgraded a kernel from 4.4 to 4.15 and hit a problem with wireless drivers. He found his solultion in the last post to a thread he found on the Ubuntu Forums.

30:43 Wayne decides to change topic completely and talk about his Cisco CCNA and his recent purchase of a microtik router and Microtik's RouterOS. This leads him around to talking about GNS3, a Graphical Network Simulator that does what it says on the tin. The guys recommend GNS3 as something to have a bit of fun with.

39:40 Mark talks about some listener feedback. Tom wrote in to suggest a linuxbabe article on how to install skype. This lead Mark to think about doing a segment on installing "essential" proprietary applications. In the meantime, Martin Wimpress wrote a blog post on detailing how to get productive on the Linux desktop with 7 essential snap apps. Mark goes on to tell us about the apps and how to snap install them.

45:20 Some more listener feedback, and this one is from Old Nerd on our Telegram group, detailing 4 simple steps to clean your Ubuntu System. This leads nicely into Under the Hood.

46:11 Under the Hood - Mark's under the hood is cleaning your apt cache. You do this by first checking the size, and you do that by typing:

du -sh /var/cache/apt/archives

If it is large, you can clean it out by typing the following:

sudo apt-get clean

47:38 Wayne talks about the ip route 2 suite of commands.

ip route - show the ip routing table

ip ad - show the ip address assigned to interfaces

ip ad sh eth0 - show the ip address assigned to ethernet0

sudo ip link set eth0 down - take down eth0

sudo ip link set eth0 up - bring back up eth0

50:40 Wayne thanks all our patrons and donors, most recently Squid from the Open Source Community on Steam

51:25 Irish Saying of the podcast - "Tá sé anna fluich", or it is very wet.

Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoyed the podcast as much as we did making it!


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The Binary Times - Series 4 Episode 3
Ben Klaasen chats with us.

Sat 21st Jul, 2018

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The Binary Times podcast with special guest Ben Klassen

00:24 Wayne introduces Series 4 Episode 3 from another hot Bristol day. Wayne goes on to introduce Ben Klaaser, an avid walker and Linux enthusiast. Ben uses Linux both at home and at work. He is a software tester for the Irish Independent. Last year Ben walked from Dublin to Istanbul.

14:07 We knuckle down to chat about Linux, Ben informs us that he uses Xubuntu, a simple interface that keeps out of the way. He also chats about other Linux distros.

15:40 Laptops all over the place in 2018, do many people use desktops these days?

17:54 Wayne speaks about synapse the tool he uses on Ubuntu MATE 16.04, he likes using it as it searches applications and documents all in one tool.

19:03 "The lovely silvery boxes", Wayne is running Manjaro on his Dell Inspiron 1501 laptops at work. It works really well as it is a fairly lightweight solution.

20:22 Wayne updates us on his progress with his HP Proliant ML110 and has managed to get the extra SATA ports for optical media working by changing the port type on the BIOS to 'Auto'

23:02 Maurizio's tips on LVM, Wayne chats about mirroring drives on LVM and LVM is smart enough to know to put the mirrored volume on a separte physical volume. More on this here from LinOxide.

25:25 Ben chats about mhddfs. A FUSE filesystem to join several filesystems together to form a larger one.

26:55 Wayne speaks about connecting to his Raspberry Pi using a USB UART cable. I purchased a uart cable which is just a usb connector on one end and a red (pin 2), black (pin6), white (pin 8) and green (pin 10) on your raspberry pi.

Starting from a clean Raspbian installation:

  1. Use raspi-config to enable the serial port (or add enable_uart=1 to config.txt) and reboot.
  2. sudo apt-get install screen
  3. Connect the three wires of the RS232 adaptor to pins 6, 8 and 10 of the Pi's header, and plug the USB plug into a free port on the Pi.
  4. screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200

29:45 Here is a good link to the Ubuntu Server PDF download.

33:25 Check out the free Python 3 ebook on digital ocean.

39:20 Under the hood from Ben
ccze command colorizes log files

41:05 Ben chats about the benefits of regular expressions.

41:49 Leah Verou's 40 minute presentation on regular expressions
The regluar expression playground can be found here.

43:15 Check what packages are installed on your Ubuntu\Debian system
apt list --installed

46:06 Amazing Linux Humble Bundle offering - check it out.

47:33 Irish saying of the fortnight
Tá mé go hiontach - I am wonderful.


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The Binary Times - Series 4 Episode 2
Maurizio chats with us.

Sat 7 Jul, 2018

Timeline companion

The Binary Times podcast with special guest Maurizio

00:24 Wayne introduces Series 4 Episode 2 from a hot and sweaty Bristol. Mark's enjoying the pleasant change. Wayne goes on to introduce Maurizio Porrato, a listener of the podcast who's quite the expert with LVM. A conversation ensues around Maurizio's Linux experience, how best to use LVM and some chat about various distributions. Maurizio recommends the CentOS documentation on LVM as well as the man pages for more information on using LVM.

19:00 Wayne asks Mark what he's been up to and Mark goes on to say that he's been working to try to get a web site together for the upcoming Kilkishen's Coder Club using W3.CSS templates. Both Mark and Wayne talk about the usefulness of the w3schools website and Wayne goes on to read out what is W3.CSS. Wayne provides a link to W3 Schools and You Tube for further information.

25:54 The guys announce the winner of the competition, Ben Klaasen. We hope you enjoy your Binary Times T-Shirt from Hello Tux, wear it with pride!

27:42 Wayne tells us about his adventures with cockpit, a server manager that makes it easy to administer your GNU/Linx servers via a web browser.

31:07 Wayne talks about the recent experience he's had with sweethome3d and both Wayne and Mark praise the software for its ease of use. Mark, never being known to have big ambitious daydreams, goes on to tell us that he wants to model his house and in fact his entire village in Blender.

35:22 Mark tells us that the vote on the Copyright Directive in the EU Parliament did not pass and will have to go back for further review in the parliament in September.

36:50 Under the Hood - Mark has a really fantastic Under the Hood - snap install xonotic, xonotic being a fantastic, fast paced shooter that is also free and open source and has also recently been snapped by those wonderful snappy people.

39:09 Wayne's under the hood is with regards to vifm, a file manager with curses interface which provides a Vi like environment. Wayne likens it to Midnight Commander but with Vi key bindings. Some useful commands available in vifm are as follows:

P - Paste / Put the files into the selected pane without going through the trash

C - clone a file (makes a copy of it and adds a number after it)

Mark puts on his best worbly Oirish accent so no one will understand to deliver the Irish Podcast of the saying: "Bí cinnte agus do lón ar fad a ithe inniu" or Be sure to eat all your lunch today! Congratulations once more to Ben winning the t-shirt, thanks to Maurizio for joining us today and thanks for listening, we hope you enjoy the show as much as we did making it!


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The Binary Times - Series 4 Episode 1

Sat 23 Jun, 2018

Timeline companion

Mark and Wayne, kicking off Series 4

00:25 Wayne welcomes us to Series 4, yes that's right, Series 4! Whiskey Blue Skies predominate the weather report, with streams of weather producing highs at the height of Summer to help the guys reach new heights!

02:20 Mark announces the new collaboration between the Open-Source Community on Steam and the Binary Times. Wayne welcomes all the new Open-Source Community listeners to the podcast and also warns new listeners of possible down time

04:04 Mark tells us of the ups and downs he's had in his journey to create the perfect Binary Times t-shirt. He recently contacted Hello Tux, a family business that believes in promoting free and open source software, asking them if they would be willing to create a t-shirt for the Binary Times. They enthusiastically agreed and went about creating clothing based on Mark's designs. Mark received the first of the t-shirts, a black and a white t-shirt and a red carry bag earlier in the week, and is well impressed at the quality.

Hello Tux have also gratiously agreed to provide a t-shirt, which can be shipped internationally, as a competition prize. Mark gives out the competition question in the podcast, make sure to email with your answer before the 7th July 2018 to be in with a chance to win!

Thanks once again to Hello Tux for their generosity, open spirit, and promotion of free and open source software communities.

11:33 Wayne tells us about his last two weeks of linux admin bits and pieces. This includes updating his routers (the cause of some of the down time on the web site recently) and looking into his back up situation at home. LVM didn't work out for him as a simple home back up system, so he went with 2x2TB drives and rsync. He wonders if he's missing something with LVM and asks for any feedback. Mark speaks about his own back up home server back up regime in the informative way that Mark does. The guys chat about the pros and cons of zfs.

27:32 Wayne tells us about how he upgraded his partners SSDs and changing UUIDs.

29:38 Mark talks about the proposed European Copyright Directive and how it has moved one step closer to destroying the internet. Mark pleas with the listeners to SAVE YOUR INTERNET! by contacting their MEPs before the vote in July. Wayne tells us of some recent problems with content filtering. The conversation continues onto the GDPR and other implications of Copyright Directive.

41:53 Wayne brings back the conversation to Linux with a chat about Manjaro. He got the broadcom wifi working on an old Dell laptop by doing the folowing:

Go into the Hardware Configuration in the Manjaro Settings Manager, right click on BCM4311 adaptor and choose 'Remove', then open a terminal and type:

sudo modprobe b43

To make this solution permanent Wayne followed the guide in Ask Ubuntu to set up a systemd script. He also had to install an extra program called yaourt to install freerdp for Remmina, as shown following:

sudo pacman-mirrors -g

sudo pacman -Syyu

sudo pacman -S yaourt

Wayne knows he's put more time into these laptops than they deserve but he likes to keep old hardware alive and likes Manjaro.

47:29 Mark mentions Chakra Linux as another arch like distribution and tells us that Chakra had a large upgrade to a number of important packages including linux, graphics, audio and the like. Mark commends Chakra Linux and is glad to see it thriving.

49:05 Wayne talks about Copperhead OS and the recent problems the project has been having. He thinks he'll change to Lineage.

51:15 Mark drags out the podcast by talking about Will Cookes blog post on a first look at Ubuntu desktop metrics.

53:37 Wayne drags out the podcast a little more by having a discussion on the latest cyber-security bundle from the Humble Bundle. Mark is initially skeptical but seems convinced of the value of the bundle by the end of their chat.

57:17 Under the Hood - Mark tells us that you can login to snap using your Ubuntu single sign on account and that will provide you with the authorization you need to install / refresh etc. snaps without using sudo. More info can be found on the advanced snap tutorial.

1:01:45 Wayne's Under the Hood is certbot delete to delete old certificates from his Lets Encrypt directory.

1:03:03 Irish Saying of the Podcast: 'Beidh me Arais' or I'll be back. Mark comes back with 'Beidh biseach ort go luath' or you'll be better soon.

We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did making it!

Series Four the Vague and Vacant Series


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