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The Binary Times - Series 5 Episode 6

Sun 17 Mar, 2019

Timeline companion

Its our Solokeys competition results.

00:24 Wayne welcomes us to Season 5 Episode 6 from a slightly overcast but warm Bristol, while Mark hails us from a weather warning beaten Kilkishen. Wayne has an idea to put SAD lights around a monitor bevel to help with Vitamin D deficiencies. Mark thinks their listeners will get on it straight away, keep an eye on CrowdSupply.

02:55 Mark tells us he's been playing Doom and Hacknet for the last while. He installed Chocolate Doom and used the WAD to get fullscreen and had quite the enjoyable experience with it. He's also gotten the latest Linux by Wiley Humble Bundle and has started reading the Assembly Language Step by Step: Programming with Linux 3rd Edition. Quite an interesting read so far, and a fantastic selection of books in the bundle.

Mark goes on to chat about the coding club that is happening in Kilkishen National School, and tells us a bit about some tech he came across there called Makey Makey. Mark's really impressed with the kit.

Finally, Mark talks about Pi Day, and articles on about Pi Day

13:42 Wayne tells us that he's at stage two of implementing Snipe IT at work. By using Snipe IT at work and introducing new features like QR coding he sees real benefits accruing to his organisation. This leads to a discussion around the benefits of Free and Open Source software to organisations.

24:23 Wayne thanks Al from the Admin Admin podcast for his help in sorting out his edge router and goes on to chat about the experience. Wayne goes on to thank Paul for some wireless access points and the guys chat about Maurizio's link to frozentux's iptables tutorial. Wayne mentions articles and videos linked here and here as good places to learn more about iptables.

31:07 Competition time! We got such a great response to the competition that we're giving away all 5 Solokeys. The winners will be written to and will have their brand new Solokeys shortly, well done to everyone that won! Thanks also to everyone who entered, better luck next time! Wayne also mentions some feedback the guys received about the W3C and FIDO alliance finalizing Web Standards for Secure, Passwordless Logins, and Mark goes on to talk about Tim Berners Lee's open letter on 30 years on, whats next #ForTheWeb?, which leads to a discussion around how we can all make the Web and the World a better place. Mark mentions Gizmodo's Kashmir Hill's articles on Life without the Tech Giants as a good and an eye opening read.

51:20 Under the Hood - Wayne tells us about the reader icon in Firefox and suggests a lot less clutter on the desktop. Mark mentions Firefox Send as a useful feature.

Mark's under the hood comes about from an announcement on Steam's Open Source Community's regarding Ukuu. Mark suggests the Ubuntu Wiki's Kernel Mainline Builds page as a good place to start if you wish to upgrade your kernel, but also recommends not doing so and to leave your choice of kernel to your distribution.

59:20 Irish Saying of the Podcast - "Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhaoibh!" Happy Saint Patricks Day to you all, and we hope you enjoy listening to this podcast as much as we did making it!


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The Binary Times - Series 5 Episode 5

Sun 3 Mar, 2019

Timeline companion

Theyre still at it, the binary times guys in action

00:24 Wayne welcomes us Series 5, Episode 5 from a cloudy Bristol, while Mark hails us from a wet and windy Kilkishen. The weather chat sparks a discussion about an apocalyptic future, saved by Linux.

04:25 Wayne announces our great competition, we have three SoloKeys to give away to three lucky listeners. SoloKeys are the first Open Source FIDO2 security key, providing easy setup to protect your accounts. SoloKeys differentiate themselves from other security keys in the following ways:

  1. Designed to be open and transparent from the start
  2. Support signed firmware updates
  3. As well as USB A, Solokeys are available in USB C and with NFC.
  4. Variety of colours
  5. Competitive cost

Thanks to the people at SoloKeys for providing us with these keys to give away in our competition.

You'll need to listen to the podcast to get the question to enter the competition!

13:30 Mark tells us he's been doing loads! He goes on give a salute to global diversity CFP day. Today though, Mark will be at Gamerfest playing games, getting inspiration for his picade and rounding all this out by watching Ubuntu Touch Q&A 45

17:16 Mark tells us Curl is 21 on March 20th. Happy Birthday Curl!

19:10 Mark goes on to tell us of the Open Source Community's announcements of job opportunities for C Developers in ClamAV and accepted projects for Google Summer of Code.

21:20 Mark admires Sylvia Ritter's Disco Dingo Art.

22:10 Not to be outdone, Wayne tells us that he listened to the Prime Numbers Audio Book on LibreVox.

24:28 Wayne tells us he's started playing around with Scratch 1.4. The guys discuss the various versions of Scratch and what you can do with it. Mark recommends Edublocks is a great transitioning tool from Scratch to Python.

28:08 Wayne tells us he's been upgrading his Fish Pond Raspberry Pi camera setup. This caused a few head-scratchers. He did consult the Raspberry Pi Power Consumption Data web-page to help him figure stuff out, and he used these tutorials to install MotionEyeOS.

38:14 Wayne set up a self hosted Snipe IT Asset Management instance on Ubuntu 18.04, php7.2 and nginx.

42:36 Under the Hood - Mark's under the Hood is for Open Suse Leap 15 and is more or less a comparison of equivalent terminal commands to update Ubuntu and Open Suse

To update Ubuntu from the command line type sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade

To update Open Suse from the command line type zypper dup as root. The guys discuss updates and security.

49:42 Wayne gives us a great Under the Hood for Raspbian and that is pinout.

Wayne thanks Maurizio for useful comments on remote desktop applications.

53:39 Irish saying of the podcast is kindly provided to us by one of our listeners, thanks Torin! "Cad é an craic inniu" or What's the craic today?

55:50 Mark remembers the latest Linux Magazine has MXLinux and System Rescue CD as cover discs, as well as loads of excellent articles.

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did making it!


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The Binary Times - Series 5 Episode 4

Sat 16 Feb, 2019

Timeline companion

Almost half way through the season

00:24 Wayne welcomes us to Season 5 Episode 4 from a slightly overcast but nice weather Bristol. Mark tells us Spring is in the air and goes on to demonstrate his complete lack of gardening know how, luckily this is almost a Linux podcast and not a garden know how podcast!

03:10 Mark tells us about the upcoming Global Diversity CFP day, something that Jon Spriggs of the AdminAdmin podcast brought to our attention. Mark also tells us about the Prime Numbers audio book from LibreVox. Unfortunately Mark won't be able to make it to Global Diversity CFP Day in Dublin as he's going to GamerFest in Limerick on the same weekend, where he's hoping to meet John Romero.

07:43 Mark goes on to tell us about the release of MikeOS 4.6 that can be downloaded using this link. The guys discuss the direction of the podcast towards 8 (or maybe even 4) bit OSes.

09:31 The guys go on to discuss LibreOffice's announcement of LibreOffice 6.2 and that it is already available as a snap.

15:20 Wayne tells us he's been watching a lot of the Fosdem 2019 talks and recommends them to everyone.

16:34 Mark goes on to tell us about the Snapcraft Live sessions on Youtube.

17:37 Wayne tells us he's been watching Decentralizing the Web Despite Itself, a disheartening talk by Karen Sandler and Bradley Kuhn about Full Software Freedom and this leads to a discussion about how we live in these modern times. Wayne has a couple of good tips for youtube replacements, being hooktube and NewPipe.

26:25 Wayne tells us the story of the problems he's been having with his desktop machine, and the utility of transparent terminals. In Ubuntu MATE, you can achieve this as follows: In the mate-terminal, go to 'Edit' -> 'Profiles'. Select Default and click 'Edit'. Click on the 'Background' Tab and select 'Transparent background'. Wayne's transparency is set to approx 75%.

31:59 Wayne tells us about his record breaking tab addiction, some useful features in Firefox, and the guys discuss changing software options.

36:23 Wayne tells us about Matrix and how he's using it to talk on the bugcast podcast's IRC. He also mentions some further Fosdem viewing, namely Matrix in the French State and Breaking the 100 bps barrier with Matrix.

42:00 Under the Hood: Mark's under the hood is dlocate.

44:08 Wayne discusses how he's been investigating using thin clients and servers at work. He also talks about the host command.

49:04 Irish saying of the podcast - "Tá sé go hálainn!", or it is beautiful!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!


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The Binary Times - Series 5 Episode 3

Sat 2 Feb, 2019

Timeline companion

Mark and Wayne, back in body for Episode 3

00:24 Wayne welcomes us to Series 5 Episode 3 from a cold snowy Bristol while Mark hails us from a lovely cold crisp morning in Kilkishen. The guys chat about Fosdem, the great talks that are there and their own production meetings.

02:53 Mark tells us about what he's been at. He's introduced Edublocks to the Coding Club, which makes the transistion from Scratch to Python easier. This leads the discussion around to learning different languages and how Python is a great language to learn. It helped Wayne make the Rod of Doom!

12:15 Mark and Wayne talk about the feedback they got on their 32 bit computer chat from last episode. The guys talk about AntiX, resetting passwords, the Plop Boot Manager, Elive, Bunsen Labs, and the question of what to use an old machine for.

23:24 Wayne talks about Yunohost

25:40 The guys talk about what PINE64 are doing at Fosdem. Mark mentions an interview he watched with Todd Weaver of Purism. Wayne also mentions an interview with Lukasz Erecinski of PINE64 on Catgory 5 Technology TV. The guys hope these projects suceed and become mainstream while wishing they were at Fosdem. Wayne's investing in all these products, he's really excited!

40:58 The guys talk about Inkscape and how it has finally matured to an alpha version 1.

44:03 Mark tells us about the latest Linux Magazine.

45:07 Under the Hood - Wayne tells us about the Programming cookbooks bundle

Wayne's second under the hood is the Linux Foundation's wiki definition of a network bridge

Mark's under the hood is timedatectl.

53:44 Irish saying of the podcast is "bualadh bos go leir"

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did making it. Apologies for Mark's audio and forgetfullness!


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The Binary Times - Series 5 Episode 2

Sat 19 Jan, 2019

Timeline companion

Mark and Wayne, settling in to Episode 2

00:24 Wayne welcomes us to Series 5 Episode 2 from a cloudy cold Bristol while Mark hails us from a cold and foggy Kilkishen. The guys welcome the bug killing cold winter weather, though bug killing is probably the pervue of the bug report podcast

01:46 Mark tells us about some listener feedback and his response to it. Mark tried various distributions on a Dell Dimension 3000 (see the appendix for specs) with a CDROM drive, 256MB RAM and a 20GB hard drive (that had Mandriva 2008 on it before it was wiped) before settling on VectorLinux 7.1 as the best user experience with that kind of hardware. The guys discuss the value of using a machine like that for browsing the web and just how much value you can get out of older hardware.

17:29 Wayne tells us about Solo Keys, a recently crowd funded open source FIDO2 security key.

24:07 Wayne moves the conversation on to self hosting, or hosting your own web services from home. Wayne recommends you have to start somewhere, and in his opinion Yunohost makes self hosting accessible to everyone. Piwigo is a recommended photo sharing application.

32:00 Wayne thanks our listeners for their recent feedback, the Admin Admin podcast for joining our Telegram group and all our patreons and recent donations.

32:35 Mark tells us he's subscribed to and recommends Wireframe, a magazine "Lifting the lid on video games". He also tells us that he received the MagPi Magazine and HackSpace as Christmas presents from Raspberry Pi Press and was so impressed with Hackspace that he may well subscribe to that also. Mark goes on to discuss the Looking back article (page 14) and the news that Jay Pinkerton and Erik Wolpaw are working with Valve which must mean Half Life 3 confirmed... Mark also tells us about Gaming as a Service and Improbable's improbable Spatial OS with it's thousand player online matches.

37:20 Wayne tells us about OMG! Ubuntu!'s news that Supertuxkart's online Multilplayer is Ready for Testing!.

38:14 Mark follows this up with news of a failed open source project from Squid's Open Source Community on Steam that Findx has closed its doors.

39:12 Wayne tells us he's picked up Karl Pilkington's An Idiot Abroad while charity shopping and used a Linux Tech Show's video on Handbrake to properly choose the right settings to rip DVDs.

41:35 Under the Hood! Mark's Under the Hood is to chat about AT&T's 10 predictions for the next 25 years. Waynes under the hood is 12 Best VLC Tricks you Might Not Know About! followed on by ncdu, a disk usage analyzer with an ncurses interface. To install just type sudo apt install ncdu with example usage being: sudo du -ah --max-depth=1 / | sort -hr

49:26 Irish saying of the podcast - "Dún an Doras!" or Close the Door

We hope you enjoy this one alot more than we did making it!!! :)


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The Binary Times - Series 5 Episode 1

Sat 5 Jan, 2019

Timeline companion

Mark and Wayne, kicking off Series 5

00:26 Wayne welcomes us to the first episode of Season 5 from a cold but calm Bristol. Mark tells us it's a great day in Kilkishen with blue skies and faraway clouds. They both marvel at the idea of a new year and a new season! The guys relate their Christmas experiences for the listeners.

03:54 Mark tells Wayne about his stand out Christmas present being Spuddy's Juggling Balls. Wayne's stand out gift was a Star Trek Tricorder. The guys then discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Raspberry Pi. Wayne tells us about his use of the TV Hat with the Raspberry Pi 3 as a recorder and recommends any one else interested to try it out. This leads to a discussion around the versatility of free and open source hardware and software vis a vis proprietary services and hardware manufacturers.

16:08 Mark tells us about Necunos releasing the Necunos NC_1 as a developer and early adopter device. While he comments on the price of the device he thinks it's great to have a free device out there.

21:32 Mark goes on to tell us that he's been doing a small bit of reading and made his Christmas and New Year's Card using Gimp and Libre Office Draw. He's also been doing a bit with Open Suse Leap 15, and tells us he also built a retro arcade machine using a case and a Raspberry Pi 3b as a Christmas present.

23:35 Wayne tells us he's been doing a lot and nothing at the same time. Some critical thinking around password management has seen Wayne adopting KeepassXC while considering the advantages of using a YubiKey. He's also using andotp for two factor authentication. Mark tells us about Purism's Librem Key and how he hopes Purism's building up a nice little hardware ecosystem for itself. Wayne also advises that you should always have two authentication keys. Mark advises he may need twenty. The guys round out the segment with a discussion around security vs convenience.

41:15 The guys talk about DNS over HTTPS on a pi-hole.

45:18 Under the Hood - Mark mentions the Chaos Computing Club's Lightning Talks have some great hints and tips and under the hoods. He goes on to mention the STEM Humble Bundle that is available for another short while that's got some great material. The guys discuss some python learning material, like Head First Python, Mike Saunder's Hayne's Coding Manual and the latest Python 2019 by Packt from Humble Bundle.

50:20 Wayne tells us about setting static IP addresses in Raspbian.

55:25 Irish saying of the podcast - "Is binn béal ina thost" - Silence is golden, except as Mark points out when you're making a podcast then not so much!

Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did making it!


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