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Mark has been working in Telecoms since the 1990s and is currently working for a large Electricity Utility as a Telecommunication's Professional. He has been dabbling with Linux since the late 90s and some of his work involves Linux based telco system admin.

Mark's personal philosophy towards life, work and others is based around ideas of social cooperation.

“I am who I am because of who we all are” is an idea espoused by the Ubuntu community. It is an idea Mark likes and it is a reason that he is drawn to the ideals of free and open source software and free and open source communities and culture in general.

Mark is an Associate Member of the Free Software Foundation.



Wayne has been working in the IT industry for the last two decades. He currently works in the education sector administering systems and introducing linux based solutions whenever possible. He has a Cisco CCNA and has an avid interest in linux based virtualization, web and storage services.

Wayne is an everyday Linux user. Having given up on some of the propriety operating systems, he turned to Linux for both server and desktop tasks. He doesn't have the time to wait for another Windows update.

His spare time is taken up with digital music creation, podcasting, Raspberry Pi, gardening and ping pong.

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About The Binary Times

The Binary Times podcast is created by Mark and Wayne, who just like using linux and open source software and want to spread the word.

Linux is free and open source and it is an excellent choice of operating system for our ever changing times.

This podcast is released fortnightly.

A picture of the Raspberry Pi with breadboard

Electronic fun with the Raspberry Pi

This show aspires to touch on various aspects of Linux, with chat, musings, information, commands to help you get started or to advance within the Linux environment.